- Recording the history of the parish -

Journal No. 1 1996

Editor: Tom Williams

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Maria Colfer, The Rose, Camross, Foulksmills, Co. Wexford.

St. Fintan's Cross drawn by Joseph Hunt, Tramore, Co. Waterford


We would like to pay a special tribute to the following sponsors, without whose generous help it would not have been possible to produce this journal:
Dermot Dunleavy, Taghmon;
New Line Oil Co., The Dirr;
Sean Sinnott, The Old Mill, Taghmon;
Rita Curtis, Wexford;
Taghmon/Camross GAA Club;
Bank of Ireland, Taghmon;


It can be established, from historical records, that the area now comprising the village of Taghmon has been inhabited since at least as early as 595 AD. St Fintan was granted land there, c.597 AD, by a chieftain, whose name has passed down through the annals. Dimma Mac Hugh, with his followers, was residing in the area then known as 'Achadh Liathdrom', which translates as 'the grey field on (or near) the ridge of a hill'. Many Irish place names are topographically descriptive and this one is no exception. From the western side of the Forth Mountain, as it slopes down towards Ballintlea, a succession of gradual hills and valleys undulate their way across this part of County Wexford towards Camross, Bree and Carrigbyrne Hills. It is on one of these hills or ridges that the village of Taghmon is situated.

Thus, 1997 (or thereabouts) will mark the fourteenth hundred anniversary of the foundation of Taghmon. It is fitting, therefore, that the history of the village and surrounding areas should be recorded on an ongoing basis.

A historical society was first mooted by Seamus Seery, who refused to listen to negative arguments, and by gentle persuasion, encouraged a group of people to meet on 5 Dec. 1994. From this meeting was born The Taghmon Historical Society. While other places are celebrating their birthrights dating back 500 years, 1000 years or 1200 years, Taghmon can boast of a foundation dating back 1400 years. Those years have seen many changes. The Taghmon Historical Society, in the coming years, will record many of these events for posterity.

A special thanks is due to the following: the paid up members of the society whose support is deeply appreciated; Celestine Rafferty and Jarleth Glynn, of the Co. Library, for their help and encouragement; Dick Roche and Hilary Murphy for their guidance; Maria Colfer, Caroline Cogley & Maeve Condon for their unstinting efforts in typing manuscripts; Marie Williams for her painstaking proof reading; Seamus Murphy and his sub-committee for the expertise of their endeavours; Leo Jones for his photographs; the Crandonnell Lodge for its hospitality; the committee for its perseverance, and lastly, the contributors whose study and research will ensure that our first journal is a worthwhile and readable publication.



CHAIRMAN: Tom Williams
VICE CHAIRMAN: Brendan Hamilton
SECRETARY: Maria Colfer PRO: Jackie Handcock
JOINT TREASURERS: Michael Doyle & Seamus Murphy
COUNCIL: Seamus Seery,
Rita Curtis
Rufina Walsh
Paddy O'Reilly
David Roche
Margaret O'Gorman

The aims of The Taghmon Historical Society are as follows:

(a) To promote, research, encourage and make known the public study of aspects of Taghmon's long and interesting history, by publishing a historical journal at regular intervals.

(b) To attempt to interest the residents of the parish and particularly, the younger generation, in the history of their parish.

(c) To promote the preservation, security and accessibility of archival material.

(d) To interview older residents of the parish and to get their memories committed to tape, computer or paper.

(e) To video or photograph buildings, places of historical interest or sites that are disappearing.

Membership shall be open to all persons showing interest in the support of the society's objectives.


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