The Townlands of The Parish of Taghmon (Part 1)

Brendan Hamilton

The parish of Taghmon is one of the largest in the Diocese of Ferns. It includes the medieval parishes of Taghmon and Coolstuff with parts of Whitechurch, Glynn, Kilbrideglynn, Kilgarvan and a small portion of Horetown.

There are 73 townlands ranging in size from Camross, at 1388 acres, (561 Ha) to Knocknamarshall at 23 acres (9.3 Ha).

In 1853, Griffiths Valuation was completed and its purpose was to apply rates to finance the relief of the poor. All property over a rateable value of five shillings (25p) was included and the names were published in books which can be inspected in the Wexford County Library.

The purpose of this article is to trace the present owners of the various properties, some of which are still in the same name and the resulting lists can become a valuable source of family history.

It would be impossible to trace the entire list as many of the enormous number of small holdings that existed in 1853 have been absorbed into much larger holdings. Where a larger holding has now more than one owner, the owner of the portion which includes the original house will be named. There were not too many of these, as the vast majority were less than 100 acres (40.5 Ha) and in most cases less than 20 acres (8.1 Ha)

The following is the list of townlands in alphabetical order with the area to the nearest hectare. The translation of the Irish names are given where they apply.

The Townlands of The Parish of Taghmon (drawn by Margaret O'Gorman)

There is a castle marked on the Ordnance Survey Map
Ard-eanach (High Marsh) 112 Pat. Flynn; Moses Walsh; Adam O'Neill; S.Jeffares; Ellen Cullen; Jas. Doyle; Thos. Doyle; Mary Mellea; Thos. & David Walsh; Michael Donnelly; J.Morrissey; John White; J.Doyle; Larry O'Connor; Pat Murphy; R.Cleary;
There was a total of 29 houses in this townland in 1853, very few of which survive. There are also the ruins of a small church and a blessed well Tobar Shibaun. The Mangan family who are mentioned here are ancestors of John Mangan,(b.1872 at Blastknock) World Champion Weight Thrower. The family moved to Kilmuckridge.
132 W.Cody; John Donnelly; Jas. & Luke Cody; Pat Furlong; T & E. Redmond; P. & M. Donnelly; J.Kehoe; W.Donnelly; T.Walsh; M.Lacey; T.Hill; J.Williams; N.Kehoe; P.Mangan; Mary Carty; W.Connors; M.Purcell; M.Martin; J.Furlong; M. Carroll; J..Connors; G.McGee; P.McGee; Ollie Stenning; J.Morrissey; P.Williams; Rep. Martin Crosbie; P.Donnelly
AUGHERMON Eachar Munna
(St. Munna's Field)
132 Nicholas Furlong; Pat Doyle; Peter Doyle; Jas. Forrestal; Mary Doyle. Pat Breen; J.Wallace; Whites;
(The Long Field)
176 Catherine Doyle; James Kehoe; Nicholas Sinnott; Walter Hore; I.& R. Whelan; M. Kearns; M. Walsh; S. Miscal; P. Duigan; M.French; Wally Kehoe; Nicholas Sinnott; George Redmond; Charltons;
The Codds have lived here for over 200 years. During the 'troubles' a Free State soldier died at the bridge in an ambush.
Ath na gCeann
(Ford of The Heads)
55 Lar. Hayes; Pat Stafford; John Codd; John Doyle; W.Kehoe; M.Stafford; Ed.Codd;
BALLINTARTAN Baile an Tuartain
(Place of The Knoll)
42 Nich. Codd;Trevor Hawkshaw; John Brennan; N.Winters; M.Dunne;
The Sparrow family were members of the Quaker Community who owned a lot of land around Taghmon.
Baile an tSleibhe
(Place of the Mountains)
113 Thos. Breen; Mgt. & Cath. Hore; Robert Sparrow; Rev. John Harley. Fintan Goff; Rep. Tom Stafford; John Goff;
BALLYBEG Baile Bheag Shliabh Bhui
(Little Townland of Sliabh Bhui)
40 Nich. Murphy; Thos. Murphy. Tom Carty; Jas. Foley; P.Nolan; B.Doyle;
BALLYHENNIGAN Baile Ui Choinneagain
(O'Coinneagain's Town)
64 Denis Hanlon; Matthew Fanning. G.Rynehart; Con Donnelly;
(Hurst's Town)
89 Redmonds; Moses Connors; Jas. Sinnott; Geo. Redmond; McGraths; John O'Connor; Reps. Mullins;
Ballynagale was, for many years, the home of the Rossiter family of clerical and sporting connections
Baile na gCailleach
(Town of Old Women)
107 P. Kelly; J.Pierce; M.Evoy; P.Murphy; Rep. Canon Brandon; H.Phipps; Charltons;
Trinity Church stands in this townland. There are also traces of a castle built by the Hores.
Baile Ui Shleibhleachain
(O'Shleibhlachan's Town)
83 Pat. Hamilton; John Hamilton; Pat Conor; Lar. White; Peter Kehoe. B.Hamilton; J.Codd; M.Stafford;
BLASTKNOCK Cnoc Na Gaoithe
(Windy Gap)
91 Walter Whitty; Martin Walsh; John Donnelly; Francis Davis; Pat Murphy; John Walsh Martin Whitty; Staffords; Eustaces; Charltons;
Bricketstown House is one of the few large houses in the parish - partly built in the mid 1600's by the Stannards.
Baile Bhriocain
208 J. Murphy; L.Furlong; J.Purcell; T.Busher; J.Kehoe; J.Furlong; M.Murphy; J.Fanning; J. Kehoe; S. Kavanagh; S.Kenrick; J.Doyle; J.Stannard Kellys; Nolans; C.Donnelly; P.Doyle; P.Banville; J.Reilly; E.McGee;
Fortune's woollen mills thrived in this area for many years. There is also a castle here built by the Brownes
100 Johanna Fortune; J. Doyle; E. Brennan. J.Murphy;Sam Simmons;
Camaross, usually pronounced Camross is the largest townland in the parish. In1853, there were 87 houses and a huge amount of small holdings. One would need a long time to sort them all, so quite a few had to be left out. It is recorded in the Book of Leinster that inthe 3rd century Breasal Belach, the King of Leinster, wished for the help of Finn-Mac-Cool and his warriors to defend his countrymen against Monarch Caoibre, whose army was marching into Leinster to levy the Borumean Tribute. Finn's warriors, with those of the King of Leinster, defeated the Monarch's forces amounting to 20,000, of whom 9,000 were slain at a place called Chambros, now Camross, two and a half miles from Taghmon
(Crooked Wood)
562 J. Jackman; M. Kehoe; T.Bradley; P.Egan; J.Browne: P.Lannon; P.Kehoe; W.Fitzhenry; M.Doyle; O.Caulfield; P. Cotteral; J.Power; L.Hynes; W.Bowles; M. & P. Broadhurst; P.Jordan;M.Carty; Tom Morrissey; J.Carroll; D.& E. Byrne; M.Mevoy; M. Wicken; M.Kavanagh; N. Cullen; B.Murphy; J.Reilly; M.Kearney; J.Cormack; J. Kiely; M.Gorman; R.Somers; J.Connors; Delaneys; J.Furlong; P.Delaney; P.English; J.Kent; T.Foley; M.Doyle; D.Nolan; J.Deacon; M.Jordan; M.Colfer; Dan Morrissey; O'Gormans; M.O'Gorman; Denis Nolan; J.Doyle; T.Foley; Nolan & Foley; Nolans; S.Kavanagh; D.Nolan; P.O'Gorman
CARROWREAGH An Cheathru Riabhach
(The Striped Quarter)
89 John Gorman; T. Morgan; P.Gorman; Jas. Gorman; J & P. Rea; P. & J. Redmond; W.Flood; John Doyle; P.O'Gorman; Cadogans; T.Hannon;
There was a castle here and also a blessed well.
180 M. McDonnell; T.Roche; J.Greene; R.Dalton; M.Wickham; D.Kavanagh; J.Callaghan; A. & N.Murphy; W.Brien; R.Sullivan; J.Morrissey; R.Dalton; Kings; J.Parle; E.Nolan; R.Greene; A.Kelly; D.Doyle; P.Callaghan; J.Parle; T.Foley;
The rest of this townland forms part of the village of Taghmon, including the present RC Parish Church
Cloch Chodlatach
(The Sleepy Stone)
110 F. Wright; T.Donnelly; J. Byrne; P.Roche; C.Waddy; O & N O'Connor; T.Stafford; J.Brown; N.Furlong; A.Roche; C.Waddy; J.Jackman; P.Parle; S.Prendergast; Rev. Loftus Brennan; P.Murphy; M.Banville; Reps M.Jones; Tom O'Donnell; Mrs.McDonald; R.C.Church
Thomas Brennan, mentioned here, built the house known as 'Clover Valley'. It is now occupied by the Parle Family and is probably the largest house in the parish. Part of the townland is incorporated in the village of Taghmon.
Cluain Raithin
(Meadow of the Little Rath)
158 J. Coghlan; J.Crean; T.Roche; R.Ward; J.Reilly; W.Crean;P.Byrne; M.Kavanagh; M. O Connor; R.Byrne; M.Cahill; T. Brennan; W.Whitty; M.Morris;T.Bolger; Reps M.Foley Jim Whitty; Reps Bob Ward; Creanes; O'Grady; Kellys; J.Hornick; Parles; T. O'Donnell;
Matty Parle was a famous horse breeder and won many major prizes at horse shows, including the RDS, Dublin.
Cuil an Sagairt
(The Priest's Corner)
67 N. Parle; J.Redmond; J.Parle; S.Howlin; W.Whitty; Parles; Keatings;
In the seventeen hundreds a large linen industry flourished, employing 170. A small cemetery of the Batt family who were landlords of the area, is also here.
Cul Atha
(Back of the Ford)
121 Rich. Reville; John Rositer; D.Ryan; J.Bolger; A.Deveruex; B.Murphy; T.Stafford; B.Redmond; Dr. Denis O'Connor; D.Devereux; Nolans; J.Codd; LConnors; S.Clancy;
(Hill - back of The Hazels)
93 Ml McEvoy; P.Flynn; T.Quirke; P.Howlin; T.Walsh; R.Murphy; W.Donnelly; B.Roche; Moses Monaghan; O'Connors; L.Morrissey; M.Whitty; P.Murphy; Walshs;
COOLCULL MOYLERS 53 T Walsh; J.Wickham; E.Kelly; M Kehoe Walshs; N.Murphy;
COOLCULL SHEAS 48 T Walsh; J.Wickham; Walshs; N.Murphy;
(The Hill back of Little Ring Fort)
134 R Reville; J.Donnelly; J.Stafford; M.Walsh; G.Parle; H.Corish; P. & E. Roche; P.Whelan; J.Curtis; Sullivans; J.Doran; O'Connors; M.Banville;
As already mentioned Coolsltuff was once a separate Parish and there is a ruined church and graveyard there.(see article by H. Murphy in this journal)
62 J. Doyle; W. Murphy; Rev. Geo. Richards; A.Ronayne M.Dunne; Nevilles;
(Little Corner)
46 John Furlong; J & T Walsh; J Whelan T.Simmons; T.Walsh;
This was once part of the Tottenham estate and was divided up by the Land Commission. The Church of Ireland Rectory was sold recently.
53 E.Cummins; M & P Roche; N.Sinnott; J.F.Heatly; Lydia Goff; Cannot be traced
There is a trace of a castle here.
Dun Gearr
(Short Ford)
175 Ed. Brennan; M.Redmond; W.Furlong; J.Doyle; D.Doyle; M.Leary; P.Lannon; M.Carty; T.Kennedy; P.Brennan; Moses Fardy; J.Cullen; J.Rigley; M.Curran; Kellys; F.Doyle; P.Codd; P.Doyle; Denis Nolan; Reps. McDonald;
There is a site of a castle here.
(Oak Grove)
56 Ed. & John Doyle; Mary, Cath. Walter Breen;Pat. Murphy; Stephen Roche; John Stanners; Luke Furlong David Killeen
DURRA LITTLE 35 James & Ml. Stafford; Lar. White; John Roche; Mary Quey. Ml.Stafford;
Forest gets its name from what was known as The Great Forest of Taghmon, which stretched form Ballingly, near Wellingtonbridge, to Carrick, near Wexford. town. There was also a Meeting House and graveyard of the Society of Friends here. Much of the timber from Forest was used in the ship building industry in Bristol.
92 E. Brennan; S. Prendergast; M.Cullen; J.Carty; T.Porte;J.Ennis; J.Doyle; P.Carroll; T.White; G.Cullimore; J.Sides; Hornicks; Staffords; A.O'Gorman; S.Whitney; N.Winters; Crane & Simmons; G.Rynehart;
FURLONGSTOWN 113 P. Furlong; Ed. Murphy; J.Coll; J. Cottom; Mary Fitzpatrick; N.Winters; D.Power; Nevilles; M.Dunne;
GARRADREEN Garrai an Draighin
(The Garden of The Blackthorn)
66 J. Richards; T.Brennan; W. Breen; D.Doyle; M.Fenlon Nevilles; Goffs; J.O'Connor;
Jacob Poole was born here in 1774 to a Quaker family. He spent many years studying the customs and the old Yolalanguage of the Baronies of Forth and Bargy. He was responsible for many good works. He died in 1827 and is buried in the Quaker graveyard in Forest. 'Poole's Glossary' was produced in 1979 and edited by T.P.Dolan and Diarmaid O Muirithe
94 Myles Leary; Mary Poole; G.Coll; M.Furlong; J.Ryan; T.Breen;W.Murphy; T. Lambert; J.Breen; Grennans; Nevilles; Crowleys; O'Gormans;
GROWTOWN UPPER 136 T. Chandler; Sheppard Jeffers; Wm. Sparrow; Thos.Brennan; Ed. Radwell; J.Murray; W.Whelan; J.Furlong; Crowleys; Doyles; Mooneys; Vincent Murphy;
HARPERSTOWN 151 M. Corish; B. Lane; W.Connors; Walter Hore; W.Murphy; Bill Lane; M.Stafford; Roches;
HARRISTOWN LITTLE 112 John Furlong; John Doyle; Arthur Martin; C.Donnelly; J.Murphy; R.Whitney;


Some of the Irish translations are taken from 'Origin and Meaning of Townland Names' by An tAthair Seamas de Val in 'Treasures of The Landscape' -Editor - Dr. Edward Culleton.

My sincere thanks is due to everyone who helped in any way in the carrying out of this survey.
Mr. Bell, Rates Office, Wexford County Hall.
Valuation Office, Ely Place, Dublin.
Grffith Valuations.


  1. Birth Records at Parochial House, Taghmon. John Mangan was born in Blastknock on 5/2/1872, the son of James Mangan and Mary Walsh.
  2. This townland could also be translated as 'The area of the Irish'.