- Recording the history of the parish -

Journal No. 2 1997 Affiliated to the Federation of Local History Societies

Editor: Tom Williams

Slevoy Castle (drawn by Rufina Walsh) For generations this was the home of the Pigott family who bought the house and lands of Slevoy from Charles Tottenham of Tottenham Green

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Correspondence, or articles for publication in the next edition of the journal should be addressed to either of the following:

Tom Williams, Editor, Park House, Wexford.

Maria Colfer, The Rose, Camross, Foulksmills, Co. Wexford.

The aims of The Taghmon Historical Society are as follows:

  1. To promote, research, encourage and make known the public study of aspects of Taghmon's long and interesting history, by publishing a historical journal at regular intervals.
  2. To attempt to interest the residents of the parish and particularly, the younger generation, in the history of their parish.
  3. To promote the preservation, security and accessibility of archival material.
  4. To interview older residents of the parish and to get their memories committed to tape, computer or paper.
  5. To video or photograph buildings, places of historical interest or sites that are disappearing.

Membership shall be open to all persons showing interest in the support of the society's objectives.


We would like to pay a special tribute to the following sponsors, without whose generous help it would not have been possible to produce this journal:
Dermot Dunleavy & Son, Taghmon;
Taghmon/Camross GAA Club;
Seamus O'Reilly, Cork (formerly of Camross).

St. Fintan's Cross was drawn by Joseph Hunt, Tramore, Co. Waterford


When the Taghmon Historical Society was formed in the Autumn of 1994 it was decided to publish a journal every two years. However, the year 1997 has momentous significance for the Taghmon area as it marks the 1400th anniversary of the coming of St. Fintan (Munna), the man who gave his name to Taghmon. Consequently, it was felt that the society should publish a journal to commemorate the occasion. An article herein by Dr. Edward Culleton outlines the life and times of the founder of the village.

We acknowledge the support of The National Heritage Council who provided a grant to help the Society to undertake a study of the Camross Pingos.

A note of appreciation is also due to the following: the paid up members of the society whose continuing support ensures that the society's finances are in good order; Celestine Rafferty and Jarleth Glynn, of the Co. Library, for their courtesy and support; Maria Colfer, John Seery and Caroline Cogley for their unstinting efforts in typing manuscripts; Marie Williams for her painstaking proof reading; Seamus Murphy and his Launch Sub-committee for their professional approach; the Crandonnell Lodge for placing a meeting room at our disposal; the committee for its dedication, and lastly, the contributors whose analysis and perusal of historical matters pertaining to the Parish of Taghmon continues to ensure that our journal appeals to all those who have an interest in our history and culture.

The first AGM of the Taghmon Historical Society was held on 18 June 1996 and the following officers were elected: CHAIRMAN: Tom Williams
VICE CHAIRMAN: Brendan Hamilton
SECRETARY: Maria Colfer
PRO: Jackie Handcock
JOINT TREASURERS: Michael Doyle & Seamus Murphy
COUNCIL: Nuala Carroll
Rita Curtis
Margaret O'Gorman
Paddy O'Reilly
Seamus Seery,
Rufina Walsh


My Sweet Taghmon
Schools - Then and Now (Part 1), Michael Doyle, Margaret O'Gorman, Maria Colfer
Brownscastle Woollen Mills, Hilary Murphy
Church of Ireland, Taghmon, Rita Curtis
Reviving and Fostering Gaelic Games (1886-1915), Paddy O'Reilly
Taghmon in 1798, Tom Williams
The Graveyards of the Parish ( Part 2), Seamus Seery
The Holy Wells of the Parish, Nuala Carroll
St. Munna of Taghmon, Dr. Edward Culleton
The Townlands of the Parish (Part 2), Brendan Hamilton
The Church of Ireland Clergy, Seamus Seery and Joseph Seery

This poem was found among the effects of the late Canon Pat Murphy P.P. of Glynn and was kindly passed on to The Taghmon Historical Society by Art Bennett of Glenbrien whose relative was employed by Canon Murphy. It was hand-written on a small card which contained a beautiful miniature original painting of St. Fintan's Catholic Church, Taghmon. The card was adorned with floral motifs and was clearly the work of a talented artist, probably the same one who composed the verses. The author remains anonymous.

Oh how I love thee dear Taghmon,
Thou art the dear the grand old spot,
Where childhood's happy days were spent,
And youth and joy went hand in hand.
Where e'er I go I cannot love
Any Wexford place though fair it be,
With half the love I have for thee
For thee my own - my loved Taghmon.

Throughout his course the glorious sun
Hath never shone on greener vales,
The sweetest perfume flowers possess,
Is wafted from thy fields so fair.
From my fond heart can ne'er depart,
The spell which home hath thrown o'er me,
And they my friends shall ever be
Who speak but well - but well of thee.

A mother's love, a father's care,
A sisters gentle heart were mine,
And these are all in loved Taghmon,
And there true friendship hath her shrine.
Then marvel not if joy I feel,
When others speak in praise of thee,
If dear to them how dearer far
Art thou to me - my sweet Taghmon.